Through our 18-year track record of innovation, growth, and increased scale and over 50 million users on our platform—all while redefining the best methods to construct and deliver a unified digital experience—we have gained a customer base of true believers.

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“Cuenta DNI is a digital phenomenon that has been installed in the lives of millions of Argentines and constitutes a before and after for Banco Provincia’s history. We are proud of the result. But mainly how we combine our purpose with innovation and work as a team with Veritran and Red Link to achieve an unprecedented solution, with a high social impact.”

Rubén González Ocantos, Gerente General de Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

The BNA+ app, the digital wallet of the Banco de la Nación Argentina, was recognized at the Paytech Awards as the ‘Best Contribution to Economic Mobility in Payments.’ The solution has enabled democratizing access to the financial system and facilitating its entry for all individuals through inclusion and financial education initiatives and proposals.

BNA+ | Banco de la Nación Argentina