Security Suite

Security Suite

Security and confidence are critical in the digital experience. With 50 million users on our platform and 50 billion annual transactions with no fraud, we know the importance of safe, secure, sustainable digital experiences. We provide robust security solutions to authenticate users and to protect applications and financial transactions from cyber-attacks.

Protect your bank/credit union, secure your customers’ financial information, and increase efficiency with the Veritran Security Suite with multilevel cyber security solutions. Our modular design provides the exact security profile your operations demand and the confidence you want.

Feel assured as you expand and innovate with our security solutions, designed to monitor, and manage your digital experience. Scale your customer outreach without compromising the security that your ecosystem needs. Combine our robust suite of authentication modules with configurable business rules to protect your digital channels in use cases such as:

  • Digital onboarding

  • Login

  • Account recovery

  • Profile and identity management

  • Monetary transactions

  • Highly sensitive operations